On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

  • Provide children with school training services through the professional service team of non-governmental organizations
  • Professional services team provides support services to teachers and parents

Early Identification and Assessment Program

Parents attach great importance to children's physical and mental development. When they learn that their children have obstacles or problems in cognitive learning, physical development, or emotional behavior, they feel worried and troubled, and they will take the initiative to ask the school for advice and assistance. The "Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation" has launched the "Early Identification and Assessment Service---School Support" program for our kindergarten, hoping to identify children in need early and allow parents to arrange appropriate follow-up or referral for their children

Support Measures for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students

All teachers patriciate workshop.
In learning center, addition more about Chinese language learning item, hope Non-Chinese Speaking Children have good environment.
Teacher use communicate card to communicate with Non-Chinese Speaking Children, hope child can get the picture’s meaning, and hope teacher and child have strong communication
Plan for Non-Chinese Speaking Children’s class have role, it be Non-Chinese Speaking Children’s partner, with her/his students. Hope it can strong Non-Chinese Speaking Children have interest and confidence to lean Chinese language.
Please contact us, our tel: 26607536 email: tpmk@tpmk.edu.hk

On-site social worker service for kindergartens

  • To provide services for early identification and support of children with welfare needs and their families
  • Professional counseling and referral services for children and families
  • Parenting Education Groups and Talks
  • Activities on related topics to strengthen family relationships
  • Provide professional consultation for staff and parents
  • Provide crisis management for those in need