Our mission

With the spirit of Christ, our school practices whole-person education and give our students a balanced development on their spirituality, morality, intelligence, body, and group life.

We emphasize the development of our children’s potential, the cultivation of their abilities of self-management and self-learning, and the nurturance of positive values.

We are determined to establish a harmonious working environment to allow our teacher to work optimally and cooperatively. Besides, we collaborate with family and community to provide a loving and happy growing environment for our students.

Our school motto

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it.”


Our school is a non-profit kindergarten founded by the Methodist Church, Hong Kong in 1991

School's Objective

To provide all-round development and give our student a flourish childhood with the spirit and love of God.


Our Team

“Train up a child in the way he should go,
and even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Principal Tsui Chung Yee
Head Teacher (Administration) Lee Sum Mui
Head Teacher (Curriculum) Ma Wing Mui
Curriculum Assistant Wong Luk Ping
Manage resource groups Chan Chui Ying, Yim Cheuk Ling
Learning and teaching groups K3 - Lee Yuk Man,K2 - Chan Wing Ki ,K1 - Tang Sze Lam
K3 Teacher Stephanie Wong, Yip Mei Po, Chu Olivia Wing Ka, Yeung Siu Yee Cecilia, Lee Yuk Man
K2 Teacher Chan Chui Ying, Wong Luk Ping, Kwok Yuen Yan, Tse Pui Man, Chan Wing Ki
K1 Teacher Tang Lai Yee, Cheung Lai Pan, Yim Cheuk Ling, Tang Sze Lam, Tao Lai Wan, Wong Shuk Yin
English Teacher Ms. SUKHVIR KAUR
Putonghua Teacher Li Po Kin
School Office Fung Siu Big (Account), Fung Wai Lan(Administrative assistant), Fong Pou Kam (Clerk)
Chef Cheung Shuk Kuen
Chef helper Chu Wai Chun
Cleaning worker Chan Koon Fung, Zhong Shui Ying

The Methodist Church, Hong Kong’s school

Chinese School Name English School Name Category School Tel School Address
觀塘循道幼稚園 Kwun Tong Methodist Kindergarten 幼稚園 2342 3062 九龍觀塘牛頭角道花園大廈玉蓮台第三座2-071室
鯉魚門循道衛理幼稚園 Lei Yue Mun Methodist Kindergarten 幼稚園 3417 7010 九龍觀塘鯉魚門邨第3座鯉興樓地下
筲箕灣循道衛理幼稚園 Shau Kei Wan Methodist Kindergarten 幼稚園 3156 2523 香港筲箕灣愛東邨愛旭樓地下
將軍澳循道衛理幼稚園 Tseung Kwan O Methodist Kindergarten 幼稚園 2790 1790 將軍澳尚德邨尚禮樓四樓平台A、B、C翼
大埔循道衛理幼稚園 Tai Po Methodist Kindergarten 幼稚園 2660 7536 新界大埔富亨村亨翠樓地下
亞斯理幼稚園幼兒園 Asbury Methodist Kindergarten & Day Nursery 幼稚園幼兒園 2429 6669 新界葵青大窩口上角街1號
愛華村堂幼稚園幼兒園 Epworth Village Methodist Church Kindergarten Day Nursery 幼稚園幼兒園 2557 2373 香港柴灣柴灣道100號一樓
主恩堂幼稚園幼兒園 Grace Methodist Church Kindergarten and Day Nursery 幼稚園幼兒園 2320 4188 九龍黃大仙馬仔坑第三期天宏苑停車場三樓
Homantin Yang Memorial Methodist Pre-school 幼稚園幼兒園 2242 0678 九龍何文田邨靜文樓地下
北角衛理堂幼稚園 North Point Methodist Church Kindergarten 幼稚園 2571 9015 北角英皇道129號 月明樓 1樓及2 樓全層
北角衛理堂幼兒園 North Point Methodist Church Day Nursery 幼兒園 2578 7913 香港北角長康街11號
Tin Wan Methodist Kindergarten and Day Nursery 幼稚園幼兒園 2538 8669 香港香港仔田灣邨田康樓地下1-10號
Yaumatei Yang Memorial Methodist Pre-school 幼稚園幼兒園 2251 0866 九龍窩打老道54號3樓

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